Urban Pole

Sleek design for hi-end locations. Single Urban Pole can carry up to 12 projectors. This projection system combines high visual quality with a small footprint. We designed the Urban Projection System in a robust way to serve in outdoor conditions, anywhere on the planet, permanently. The Urban Pole is made in two versions, The A version can carry up to 6 LAZR projectors, the B version can carry up to 12 projectors


Free Image Orientation Adjust
Exceptional Image Stability

Sleek design

small footprint & superb image quality for hi-end locations. The image above compares LM3X.com solution with a traditional projector set-up.

Remote control app

You can control all functions of your LAZR 4G™ projectors via the Lumiverse UI app from an unlimited distance. Features Included: Media Player, Projects, Layers, Edge Blending, Object Scanner, Vector Mask, Autoplay Scheduler, Playlists, Mesh & Bezier Warp, Tools such as Color, Paint, Gradient and Complete Remote Management. 

Variable Projector Edge Blending