Hardware Sale Terms, Conditions, Warranty

Document Updated Q1 2024


This term sheet describes the sale, terms, conditions and warranty of the manufacturer LUMITRIX s.r.o (LM3X.com), registered in the Czech Republic, European Union, VAT nr. CZ29395950. We manufacture original outdoor projectors with video mapping software since 2012. We delivered our systems to 58 countries worldwide. We build robust hardware for permanent outdoor use.



I. Sale and delivery

We sell our products directly via an email conversation with the Lumitrix (LM3X) representative or via a 3rd party project partner (LM3X reseller). The sale is confirmed when we receive the 100% upfront payment. You may confirm the order here https://lm3x.com/outdoor-projector-shop/ or you may send the purchase order with the list of selected products to info@lm3x.com

Pricing policy

Our prices are public at https://lm3x.com/outdoor-projector-shop/

Delivery service

We organize delivery service to your destination for you. We add the shipping cost to the purchase price. We send the goods in euro-pallets.

Typical delivery timeline

1-4 projector units – delivery 6 weeks after payment or sooner
+5 projector units – delivery 12 weeks after payment or sooner
The delivery timeline as described above is usual, however, not guaranteed unless confirmed by our representative.

Refund of payment if not happy

You may request a refund of payment (shipping cost non-refundable) if you’re not happy with the delivered product. We will accept the refund request if you send such a request to info@lm3x.com within 3 days after the goods have been delivered to your address. You send the goods back to our factory with no delay in original package with all accessories. Once we receive the goods back in our factory in undamaged and unused condition (a few hours of testing is considered unused) we will refund the payment back to you.



II. Product training

LM3X products and documentation are straightforward; product training is not required. In case you struggle with projector use, our excellent remote access support service will help you solve any issues that may occur on the way. Remote Image Calibration service is available free of charge for the first use of every 2+ projector sale. During this service, the LM3X technician remotely connects to your installation and calibrates your projector setup for a seamless multi-projection experience.



III. Warranty

LAZR 4G™ warranty 3 years / 10 000 hours

Warranty terms
Lumitrix guarantees, that the LAZR 4G™ projector will work well for three years after delivery or for 10 000 hours of use (lamp on), whichever comes first terminates this warranty. If a malfunction happens during the warranty period, we will remotely access the device to fix a possible software error. If we find out, that the problem is hardware-based, you send the device back to our factory for a free-of-charge repair. We will fix the device in a 21 workday time or faster and send it back in return.

LAZR™ warranty 2 years

Warranty terms
Lumitrix guarantees, that the LAZR™ projector will work well for 24 months after delivery. If a malfunction happens during this warranty period, we will advise you of solutions or you may send the device back to our factory for a repair. We will fix the device in a 21 workday time or faster and send it back in return.

All hardware

Lumitrix warranty does not cover damage caused by the wrong use of devices such as not following the User’s Guide, opening-the-device-with-scissors-and-cutting-cables-randomly, upside-down installation, dropped-on-the-concrete-floor, or a similar event of destruction. We are happy to accept the warranty request when the device comes in one piece.

Lumitrix warranty does not cover brightness decrease as explained in the following statement: We embed state-of-the-art laser DLP technology in our projectors, the most advanced projection technology available. The laser DLP projector light source life is 20 000 hours. The brightness of the projector decreases over time and reaches 50% of the original value when 20 000 hours of operation is achieved. This is true for all digital laser projectors on the market and LAZR™/LAZR 4G™ projectors are no exception.

Note: We highly recommend regular air-filter check and replacement to keep your projectors well operational for many years. Extreme dirt fatigue of the air filter may decrease the efficiency of the inbuilt cooling system and therefore shorten the projectors’ life.


CE Declaration of conformity

RoHS Declaration of conformity