LAZR™ outdoor video projector

The best waterproof projector for outdoor use. Recommended choice for a medium-sized backyard cinema. A single LAZR™ projector can cover an area 10 meters wide, 6 metres high (33 ft wide, 20 ft high) with a high-resolution video at recommended 100 Lux illuminance level. You may explore LAZRs screen size range in metres or feet visual chart or you may use the interactive projection screen configurator. LM3X has been engineering and manufacturing outdoor projectors since 2012. We delivered + 200 projectors to more than 40 countries so far. LAZR™ is the 4th generation of LM3X outdoor projection technology

  • LAZR™ Digital Outdoor Video Projector
  • Image 6000 ANSI Lm, Laser DLP, 20000 hours life
  • Image resolution WUXGA 1920 x 1200, RGB full colour
  • Throw Ratio 1.2 – 1.9
  • HDMI or HDBaseT signal input
  • 2 years warranty

Simply connect the LAZR™ projector to your laptop via HDMI cable and the movie is ready to play. Also, you may use LAZR™ with a variety of standard media players like Chromecast*, madmapper’s miniMAD, Raspberry Pi, Lightform LFC, Intel NUC, and others. With Chromecast* inside, you can stream video from your phone or computer over Wi-Fi* (*not available in the USA). You can install your media player inside the LAZR™ Media Player Bay and protect it from humidity, dust and temperature variance. 5V, 12V, USB, HDMI and LAN connectors available inside the Media Player Bay for simple integration

IP rated projector Ingress Protection Certified, body: IP43, connectors IP68, robust body designed for permanent outdoor use in all weather conditions. Made in the Czech Republic, EU


EUR 12 900
[USD 13 545]

shipping and tax not included