How to do projection mapping?


Is there a way I can take a digital image of my client logos and input it into the projector for display?

Yes, there is a very convenient way of doing exactly that with the LAZR 4G™ video mapping projector. This projection system comes with the Lumiverse app, where you can very easily upload your customer’s logos, animations, promotions, and basically any media content, and then, with the use of the embedded scanner and streamlined set of projection mapping tools, you may very easily adjust the position and colours of that logo on any surface.


How does an outdoor projector perform in the daytime?

During the daytime, outdoor projection doesn’t perform at all. The time for outdoor projection starts after the sunset.


How big an area can one projector illuminate

LM3X projectors are designed to work at night, one projector can cover approximately 50 – 150 square metres area. You may connect multiple LAZR 4G™ projectors into a single screen with the embedded image blending tools. Please use the configurator to simulate, how many projectors are needed for your project.


How difficult is the equipment and software to operate?

The LAZR 4G™ software is awesome and very simple to use even for beginners. The LAZR 4G™ projector is a complete and standalone projection mapping system. It includes an embedded projection mapping player with a complete workflow Lumiverse app, including the unique object scanner integrated inside the projector lens. You can give it in the hands of any content creator (graphics/video/motion designer) and they will easily adapt the projection mapping and create a stunning show. The LAZR 4G, although more expensive, is much more popular among our clients than the LAZR model (90% of sales is LAZR 4G). LAZR 4G™ has an internal 400 GB SSD storage, so you have to upload your media, and then you can work with it. LAZR 4G™ also has an HDMI input, so you can use it with a local computer.


Do you provide field and troubleshooting services?

Yes, we absolutely provide remote field and troubleshooting services. The LAZR 4G™ projector model is equipped with a permanent internet / 4G mobile network connection. Whatever happens in the field, we respond in a very short time. The ability to access the machine remotely gives us and you outstanding abilities for problem-solving.

Our service response team is available via:

Phone:   +420603540421
Email:   support@LM3X.com


How much?

LM3X price list is in our website shop or on pages 54 – 55 in our catalogue


Is it possible to project on glass?

Projection on glass is possible with a special film (sticker) applied. The simplest film available is a matte white sticker with perforation (see picture below). There are many advanced films for projection-on-glass available on the market, for example, ContraVision. We don’t resale these items. 

projection on glass sticker (film)

Is 6000 Lumens enough for outdoor use?

Our 6000 lumens module is perfect for outdoor use. There’s a great lens and vivid colours. The factor, that decides if lumens is enough is actually the Lux level. To make sure that the image quality will be great, use our configurator and aim for 100 Lux (3 stars). I am attaching a few photographs, for your reference, what it means 100 Lux.



I’m trying to understand a little more about your projection systems. Specifically the use of multiple projectors across a facade. After the scan does the content need to be split for each projector or does your software do the projector blending and warping automatically within the projectors?

Our projector, more specifically the LAZR 4G™ model comes with blending and warping tools embedded in the native Lumiverse™ app. So you don’t need to split the content within the projectors, the software does that automatically. The edge-blending initial configuration is in-depth explained in the software guide, chapter 19/ Edge Blending. After that, an internal tool will blend all projectors into a single pixelmap, which you may download as a single file. ( more on the pixelmap blending in chapter 20/ Multiscan ) You will use one video file on render output and the projectors will automatically manage the file split and the warp.


Is it necessary for the building premises to be completely dark during video projection to get full quality?

No, it’s not necessary. We have many installations in city centres, where there’s ambient light. Of course, more ambient light means lower relative brightness of the projection. The main factor describing the quality of the projection is the illuminance, (ANSI Lumens per square metre) measured in Lux. Our projector outputs 6000 ANSI Lumens. The form for calculation is as follows: Lumens / Square Metres = Lux. If you use it to illuminate 100 square metres, that would give 6000 / 100 = 60 Lux illuminance. If you use it to illuminate 50 square metres, that would give 6000 / 50 = 120 Lux illuminance etc. You may aim two projectors onto the same surface, which doubles the Lux level. If the area is completely dark, like this castle for example, then even 35 Lux (very low) may give a nice output, that is an example of extremely low illuminance combined with perfect conditions. Usually, we recommend 100 Lux to have a nice output in normal street conditions. If there are very strong sources of light around, even 150 – 250 Lux might be necessary, then the image is extremely bright and might even be too much. Our typical installations are around 50 – 80 Lux. You may use the configurator to simulate Lux.


If we install this solution, can we create the content ourselves, or do we have to contact your company every time to create the video content?

With the LAZR 4G™ projector you will get access to the Lumiverse™ app. With this interface, you may upload your media (video, images, HTML5 widgets) and do all that’s necessary for projection – mapping. The software will guide you through the process. So yes, you may create the content yourselves, it’s rather simple. Our company doesn’t offer content production, you may contact any content production company to produce content for you.


I will like to understand the difference between the LAZR and the LAZR 4G?

We offer two outdoor projector models the LAZR™ and the LAZR 4G™ model. They share the same image quality, but they differ in software features. The basic LAZR doesn’t have any software, therefore it requires a 3rd party media-server to stream the video signal over HDMI or HDBaseT cable. On the other hand, the LAZR 4G model is a complete and standalone projection mapping machine. It includes an embedded projection mapping player with a complete workflow Lumiverse app, including the unique object scanner integrated inside the projector lens. You can give it in the hands of any content creator (video animation team) and they will easily adapt the projection mapping and create a stunning show. The LAZR 4G, although being more expensive, is much more popular among our clients than the LAZR model (90% of sales is LAZR 4G).


And also are your products easy to use when I order? Kindly guide me through the process because I want to buy one of the two products for adverts purposes.

If you’re looking for an easy to use projection system for adverts purposes, we highly recommend the LAZR 4G™ because of its full integration and the amazing Lumiverse app included. Its use is as simple and streamlined as possible. The complete software manual is here. If you would have any questions about the projector use after the purchase, you can always contact support@LM3X.com or contact us on the phone and we will help. I recommend you buy the LAZR 4G with an attachment fixture, now depending on the type of installation you imagine, you can select different fixture models: If you’re looking for a light-weight portable solution, I recommend the Tripod Adapter. If you’re looking for permanent installation, select the Wall & Pole Bracket or the 360° Bracket. Eventually, if this is a large installation with many projectors, you may also consider the hi-end Urban Pole fixture.


 Which payment methods do you accept, and what is the delivery timeline?

We accept wire transfers or credit card (+2.6% europe / +3.9% world) payments. The usual delivery timeline is 6 weeks for 1 – 4 projectors and 12 weeks for 5+ projectors.


What’s the most powerful projector you have? For a permanent outdoor mapping project?

LM3X LAZR 4G™ projectors can be stacked and there’s no limit in power because of that. Our most powerful permanent outdoor projection system currently installed provides a combined power of 48.000 Lumens. There’s no max limit.


What kind of data-enabled sim card is needed and what is the installation process? Can a 4G SIM card from a telephone provider like T-Mobile be used?

Yes, exactly. The same SIM card as for an iPhone. It’s the nano-SIM type. You need to plug this sim card into a phone before the first use and disable PIN protection via the phone settings. After this, you plug the sim card into the LAZR 4G™ projector sim card slot. When purchasing the sim card, ask your mobile provider (T-Mobile) for an APN code for internet access or find it here. APN needs to be properly set in the projector settings to work. If you send us your selected mobile provider (T-mobile, ..) with the order, we will pre-configure the APN settings in your projector for you before shipping, so that you don’t have to worry about it.


What is the lifespan of your video projector?

LAZR™/LAZR 4G™ projector’s life is 20000 hours of work. The warranty is 3 years, and there’s lifetime software support included with the Lumiverse app


The wall we are going to project on is 40’ wide and 30’ tall and this will be a permanent installation. The maximum distance we can have between the wall and projector is 45’.

For permanent installation, I recommend the LAZR 4G™ projection solution. From a 45’ feet distance, a single LAZR 4G™ projector illuminates a 35 ft x 22 ft area at 80 Lux illuminance (medium illuminance). For larger surfaces, you may arrange multiple projectors in an array, like tiles.  You may use the configurator to simulate your projects.


Are there LM3X projectors installed in the United States?

Yes, there are several installations across the US, however, this technology is much more popular in Europe, particularly France leads with almost 100 installations.


Do you provide any technical support for product installation?

LM3X projectors are well-documented and quite straightforward to use, so most of our customers manage the installation without any support from our side. If you would require our support on installation, you may request this at support@LM3X.com or you may contact us on the phone +420 725 08 99 08


Does your manufacturing follow a quality assurance policy?

Yes, we do have quality policies, every projector manufactured undergoes a rigorous series of tests, before it’s handed over to the customer. Our products comply with CE and RoHS standards.


Warranty, service

Please see the terms and conditions


Do you offer robotic mounts for the projectors?

Our mounting system doesn’t move the projectors automatically (no motors), however, thanks to its excellent design it provides unparalleled stiffness and great fine-tuning maneuverability of the projectors. The software edge-blending wizard which is provided with our LAZR 4G projectors makes it very simple to arrange projectors in any configuration and create a unified canvas easily.


How much are the service parts for the device?

The light source module life is 20 000 hours and it’s not interchangeable. With reasonable use, this might last 10 – 20 years. The only spares/consumables you should consider changing is the Air Filer, a pack of 10 filters costs EUR 100, which you may purchase in our shop


Do you have a company that makes videos or materials?

We recommend LIGHTSIDE for bespoke media production.