(TPH200 - 229)

Lamp for PRO8600 – RLC-076

ViewSonic Part Nr.: RLC-076

(TPH230 - 249)

Lamp for SX930 – 5J.JEG05.001

BenQ Part Nr.: 5J.JEG05.001

(TPH250 - 320)

Lamp for SU931 – 5J.JEH05.001

BenQ Part Nr.: 5J.JEH05.001


The Lamp life span is 2000 hours. See the top left corner in the WebGUI Interface to find lamp hours used info. You should consider the lamp replacement once when you get close to the 2000 hours.


Any dirt on the Projector lens might affect the light show quality and scanner results. Clean the lens with the common soft glass cleaning cloth. You can use alcohol-based liquid detergents. Avoid using organic cleaners. Although the lens is made from glass, its frame is plastic – and could be damaged with the organic cleaners. In case scanner results are poor after cleaning from outside, the lens also needs to be cleaned from the inside – see video below.

Air Filter

The Typhoon T2 Projector is equipped with interchangable air filter. Regular filter changes increase lamp life. Filter replacement period depends on the air quality in your area, we recommend to replace filter every 300 light hours or every two months, whichever comes first. Your Projector is supplied with 2 spare air filters.