Projection Mapping Wall: What Is Interactive Mapping on Walls and What Are Its Types

If you want to project any virtual content, in general you have two options: In the first you let the projector display prepared sequences and the audience just watches the spectacle.

But in the second one you can allow people to decide what they will see (and hear). For this you need a special projection mapping wall. What is it?

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What is a Projection Mapping Wall?

During projection mapping, digital programmed content (animation or video) is projected onto objects and surfaces in the real world.

The area to be overlaid can be whatever you can imagine – a building, a car, a table, Vinci’s Mona Lisa etc.

One of the easiest options is to let the content be projected just on the wall – primarily as an interior video mapping, but it is possible to find a suitable “wall” outside.

Technology and Creativity

For obvious reasons, it is better if the projection wall or object is arranged in a way that corresponds with the projected content so that they create a breathtaking spectacle together – for example virtual butterflies sit on the real paintings.

Having a special wall can simplify the process and helps a lot to artists who use wall projection mapping like painters do with their canvas.

Besides, iInteractions can be triggered by visitors’ smartphones or via speech, gestures and body movements.

Wall projection mapping is something for beginners, because it is just a flat surface.

It is not so difficult in comparison with AR projection mapping when you mix 3D virtual reality with 3D real world and you need many projectors, precisely focused and very sophisticated software.

Types and Utilisation

Wall projection mapping can be used either as an auxiliary element in restaurants, cafes, as something that is nice and can be watched for a moment as such a decoration, or as a substantial part of an event (an exhibition, wedding, conference etc.).

In both cases, it is an ideal means for advertising.

What is an Interactive Projection Mapping Wall

How Does It Work

However, to achieve an extraordinary experience, projected patterns images may appear, change or disappear when you touch a certain spot on “the screen”.

Such a type of screen is called a projection interactive mapping wall.

This projection mapping wall contains a certain amount of touching points and each of them (when touched) triggers his own contribution to projection. Touching spots can be located also on the floor.

Where is It Used

This type of wall mapping projection is created for advertisement (some studies have already been made which prove a big raise of profit in companies – let´s name Nestlé, Burger King – using ads with interactive walls).

It is also very popular in education – at schools, kindergartens or at museums.

It’s certainly not limited to indoor spaces, a good outdoor projection system can create a miraculous performance on a wall the size of a large building or football pitch.

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Amazing Wall Mapping Projection

Educational Entertainment without Words

A good projection can do more than mere words. Take a look at Pernštejn Castle story telling as portrayed by LM3x.

In fact, you don’t need many projectors. It can be gorgeous enough due to using a 360 projector wall mount.

Painting with Light

No story, only a game of lights and colours, which let the building first be destroyed and then rebuilt again. Everything for this fabulous spectacle you will buy in an outdoor projector shop.

Something for Romantics

An interactive projection when content responds to movements of dancers as realised in Sophia by design group MP studio. To watch it was a breathtaking experience.


With good projectors and cameras the projection mapping on a wall is quite easy though it looks incredibly complicated.

Just don’t neglect details such as a projector tripod or mount and contact a good and creative designer. What we can say for sure: No major event is going to happen any time soon without some type of PM.

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