8 best projectors for projection mapping: How to choose the right projector?

Have you opted for projection mapping? Congratulations, you are moving with the times. But before your great projection sees the light of day, you need to deal with the following question.

Which projector is the right one? What tools are available? And what should you pay particular attention to?

Stick with our article – we have a survey of candidates for the best projector for projection mapping for you.

When choosing the right projector, there are many tiny details to be taken into account

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How to choose the right projector

Here are the most important elements to consider for the optimal result:

Resolution and image quality

The resolution is based on the number of pixels in the vertical and horizontal projection direction. The more pixels, the more accurate the image.

However, resolution is often not even that important, you can achieve interesting effects even with low resolution.

A projector’s resolution should be as close as possible to the image’s. For clear results, it is recommended to use images and a video projector that has a resolution of at least 720p (HD).


What should not be neglected is the brightness of the projector.

As a rule, the device should achieve a light intensity of 20,000 ANSI lumens or more so that the audience can see all the details even in brighter rooms and on large surfaces.

How many lumens for outdoor projection depends on many specific circumstances. Equally important are the brightness and the nature of the background.

Lamp lifespan

A projector is, in layman’s terms, a lamp. As such, it is fragile and wears out quickly with use. Usually manufacturers guarantee a lamp life of 1000 – 4000 hours.

LED projectors and laser projectors last longer (tens of thousands of hours).

Device connection

The quality of the projection is significantly affected by the cables. HDMI, DVI or USB are digital connections that enhance the picture.

You can also connect wirelessly via bluetooth. For example, the LAZR 4G video mapping projector allows cable-free control over virtually any distance.

Intended use of the projector

You must consider very carefully:

  • the purpose for which the projection will be made (advertising, spectacle, art, education),
  • the environment where the screening will take place (options include both indoor and outdoor, but outdoor projection system must respond to special conditions (humidity, frost, wind, etc.),
  • the object which is to be overlaid with the digital content,
  • the surface of the supposed projection wall and the background,
  • the size of the area to be projected, for large outdoor projection LAZR 4G™ a LAZR™ are very appreciated,
  • the type of the digital content.

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Comparison of professional projectors for 3D mapping

1. LAZR 4G™ Video mapping projector

The best projector for challenging projects, especially in 3D video mapping (as augmented reality projector).


  • No weather is a problem, it can be used as a permanent outdoor projector.
  • Easy operation over a long distance.
  • Wide range of applications.


  • Not suitable for indoor use.

2. BenQ TK850i True

The best 4k projector for projection mapping.


  • Suitable for large areas such as buildings, stages and stadiums.
  • High quality resolution and brightness (creates fascinating holograms and may be used even in ambient light).
  • Suitable for creative artists.


  • High input lags.

3. Epson Home Cinema 2250

The best streaming projector for mapping.


  • Ideal for home cinema.
  • Good colour and sound.
  • Possibility of vertical shift.


  • No VGA interface.

The best quality projector for permanent outdoor use is the Lazr 4G

Ideal for large and demanding projects, this projector will serve your needs for many years to come

4. ViewSonic PX701HD

The best short throw projector for projection mapping.


  • Extremely wide colour spectrum.
  • Sharp and detailed image in any light.
  • Ideal for home entertainment.


  • Lacks horizontal keystone.

5. Optoma GT1090HDR

The best gaming projector for projection mapping.


  • Ideal for small compartments with great brightness and contrast levels.
  • Guaranteed laser lamp.
  • Easy to be carried and operated.


  • High price.

6. YABER Y30 Native

The most affordable and powerful projector for projection mapping.


  • Luminous intensity 8500 lm with huge brightness.
  • Perfect cooling system.
  • LED lamp projecting onto a large area.


  • Low sound issues.

7. LG HU810PW 4K3

The best smart laser projector for projection mapping.


  • A 4k Ultra high definition resolution.
  • Image adjustment function in any conditions.
  • Wireless connectivity.


  • Quite a high price.

8. Anker Nebula Solar Portable 1080p Projector

The best smart projector for mapping.


  • Very small and therefore easy to carry.
  • Having a built – in stand doesn´t need any projector wall mount.
  • Multiply connectivity options and 3hour battery.


  • Low lumen ratio.


The right projector is very important, but projection mapping is not only projector. This is actually the biggest challenge in projection mapping.

It primarily means a lot of fine-tuning and adjusting the projectors to the content with millimetre precision. For this, 360 wall mount projector is very helpful.

The backgrounds also have to be known in advance and precisely recreated with the right tools.

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