3D Projection Mapping: 25 Examples of the Best 3D Mapping Projections Worldwide

Everyone knows the difference between 2D and 3D. And the popularity of the latter is evidenced by the surge of 3D glasses used in cinemas.

3D projection mapping allows for something more. A spectacular 3D experience with just your naked eyes, not only indoors but also outdoors. Check out some of the most successful examples of 3D mapping that we’ve compiled for you!

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What is projection 3D mapping

Projection mapping is the art of making multiple projectors work together on a surface to create amazing visuals. Playing videos, animations or graphics with different shapes and textures creates a mesmerising experience of light and movement over previously static objects.

The experience is usually complemented with acoustic or other sensory impressions.

The main difference between 2D and 3D projection mapping is the presentation surface. Two-dimensional mapping is done on flat or curved surfaces, defined by their width and length. 3D projection mapping includes objects and structured surfaces where depth and other spatial aspects must be taken into account.

Where is it used

3D mapping projection creates the wow factor for every event. Because real experiences will gain in value in the digital future.

With the help of augmented projection, we are entering a completely new, untilled field with you: the audiovisual presentation of real, three-dimensional objects such as products, room elements and 3D printed shapes.

Pixel-perfect customised content is spectacular. It merges with the product, visualises abstract topics vividly and presents decorative, printed design elements digitally.

Ideal for advertisement, visual art, spectacular, education and promotion of whatever you need. That’s why outdoor projector shops are full of orders.

What are predictions like?

It is clear that we will not be able to get rid of digitalisation, which is why 3D mapping has a bright future.

Apart from entertainment and sensory experience, it is proving to be extremely useful as an instruction material, a means of education in various fields.

In some cases a single projector is quite sufficient, in the case of more complex spectacles it is better to have an outdoor projection system consisting of more projectors.

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1. Box02, Tuwaiq Mountains, Qiddiya

A perfect use of the character of the landscape in which Saudi Arabia’s largest entertainment venue is to stand. A total of 84 projectors were used.

2. Pernštejn castle storytelling

Introducing the history of the castle without the need for many words. Technically simpler than it looks because projected on the wall.

3. Borderless

Artworks based on the simultaneous collaboration of 520 computers and 470 projectors were shown at an exhibition in Tokyo. (Don’t worry, if you use a 360 projector wall mount, there may be fewer projectors.)

4. Palacio Barolo

A light show on the facade of the most famous house in Buenos Aires to celebrate 200 years of Argentine independence. Of course there were dancers dancing.

5. Mapping on Historic House in Kopřivnice

Demonstration of projection mapping with 2 projectors from Lumitrix T2. In the Czech Republic, in his hometown of Kopřivnice, this projection was done on a house in the orchards of Eduard Beneš, a former president of Czechoslovakia.

6. Digitalk Opening Ceremony

Opening of the business conference turned into a breathtaking ceremony and corresponded perfectly with the issues tackled by the conference participants.

7. iMapp Bucharest 2015 – International Mapping Competition

One of the biggest projection mapping events ever which was displayed onto the facade of Parliament Palace in Bucharest. 6 teams of visual artists took part in this show.

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8. Facade Fest

The Facade Festival is dedicated to modern Canadian artists and is therefore home to 3D prints and projections. The video projected onto the Vancouver Art Gallery building features the best creations from 2017.

9. Star Awards 2018 at MES Theatre

The biggest stars of the entertainment industry receive their awards in Singapore every year. In 2018, the following show graced the ceremony.

10. Dataton projection mapping ISE 2018

An example of what 3D projection on a moving object can look like is this mapping onto a trade show booth. Guaranteed to get everyone’s attention.

11. Tokyo Station Vision

The opening of the reconstructed Tokyo Station is a tribute to rail transport and an over-the-top fusion of new 3D technologies and music.

12. DSE 2018: NEC Display Shows

A demonstration of how 3D can sell goods to retailers right on the shelves or in the window. For such a production, all you need is one projector and one projector tripod.


A pleasant diversification of the Welsh Music Festival through visual artwork projected onto the facade of the building where the festival was held.

14. Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres by Maizz Visual

This is something special – a permanent screening in the hotel’s dedicated dining and entertainment area. The content is full of Mayan themes, as the hotel is located in Mexico.

15. Mercedes Benz A-Class Launch

Car manufacturers like to present the features of their cars in 3D. The light show presents speed, dynamics and beauty at the same time.

16. Lux Helsinki 2018 projection mapping

The Lux Helsinki 3D light show is a tribute to the architectural beauty of the Finnish capital. It is shown in 12 locations in total. Here is a sample of one of the smaller areas.

17. Volkswagen Tiguan at IBFW Season 6 2018

Further proof that the modern automotive industry and AR projection mapping get along very well. There is a lot of competition in the car market, so good promotion and marketing is important.

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18. Projection Mapping on the Berliner Dom by Maxin10sity – Festival of Lights

Another famous festival of lights takes place in Berlin. The projection projected onto the Berliner Dom impresses with a combination of historical and the most modern elements.

19. Rackham Building for University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI, USA

The University of Michigan had the brilliant idea to simulate a hailstorm using 3D projection during a major anniversary celebration. The result is a great visual experience.

20. Festival of Lights Kuwait 2019

The international Festival of Lights in Kuwait aims to bring together all the modern artists of the world to share their experiences with each other. This projection reveals the history of Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre.

21. Audi Future Space 2018

Audi also relies on the 3D effect to attract potential customers. This is how a new type of car was launched in Bosnia.

22. Norwich Castle 3D Projection Mapping Creative 2017

Where better to showcase 3D projection mapping than on the Norwich Castle building, which serves as a Museum and Art Gallery. Such performances have been a tradition here since 2016.

23. Masterclass Artworks – Factory Light Festival 2018

The Factory Light Festival in Norway combines a showcase of 3D projections with educational workshops where 21st century artists can enrich each other’s perspectives.

24. Winner of iMapp Bucharest 2018 – Vision Impossible

The following video presents the work of the winner of the 3D projection art competition held in Bucharest in 2018. This event is normally attended by tens of thousands of people.

25. White Night Melbourne

The White Night in Melbourne is a multi-day cultural festival for the general public. In addition to concerts and exhibitions, 3d projection art is strongly represented.

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Although some of these projections look extremely complex, the principle behind them is quite simple. The object to be projected is scanned and digital content is prepared on the scan as a template. In order for everything to turn out perfectly, precision is important.

Everything else depends on the imagination of the artists, the impressiveness of the accompanying effects and, above all, the number of projectors. Teamwork between creatives, developers, engineers and other stakeholders is also essential.

Worldwide Inspiration

Although 3D projection performances are primarily intended for one specific place and time, thanks to YouTube and social media they can be repeatedly viewed by thousands and millions of people around the world.

Pushing Boundaries

Such short and succinct messages have a huge impact on audiences and are definitely changing the ways of artistic expression, marketing and advertising.

What was hardly imaginable before is now a reality – such as the unprecedented interactivity, where the audience can influence the shape of the projection.

Future Possibilities

3D projection mapping will evolve as software and technology development in general allows. All experts agree that the current state is just the beginning.

The ubiquitous digitalization and the overlapping of the real world with virtual reality is the direction in which many areas of social life are heading.

3D projection mapping will highlight your product and increase brand awareness in a way that traditional marketing methods cannot

Start using this advantage today and reap the rewards in the years to come